Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 1

Today after working for 10 hours with no break i came home wanting to play some games and I decided to try out Starcraft 2. I must say that the single player even though i was angry that the single player was Terran only, still managed to entertain.

The single player was good but for some reason i felt a bit drawn away from the story, this may just be because of being tired but never the less. battles in the story where somewhat not entertaining, as i was expecting maybe a large climatic battle with gigantic forces versing each other, i was disappointed. The multiplayer was alot more entertaining with many types of maps and games to play. Multiplayer seems to be where the game shines, the map editor seems to allow almost any creation from tetris to bejeweled, this made me happy, but then i was faced with problem with the map selection in the custom games, it NEVER changed. The map system works of popularity and since the popular maps are on the front page they automatically get played the most, leaving the new and interesting maps that not much people play so far down the list that you never get enough players to play.

Rating for gameplay 7/10

Sound and Lighting
Both of these are brilliant bringing a great visual and acoustic experience as well as blizzards trade mark of making many sayings for each character. overall a very good experience

Sound and lighting 10/10

Over all 7/10

Friday, 25 February 2011

First post

Hi, my name is Ross and I'm a gameaholic. I use games for escaping reality.

I am wanting to turn this blog into something that is about My life and the games i play. My life, be it from the stand point of a young adult is pretty drab.

The Games i play vary from Real Time Strategy(RTS) to fast paced First Person Shooters(FPS). I try many new games and love to voice my opinions about them. I will try to post frequently about games that I'm playing and games that i have played.

I will also occasionally post about Topics in the news and other random topics. As well as posting links and videos that i enjoy and find entertaining.